About Us


A Place You Can Trust

We've been specializing in Subarus since 1983. We have a small subaru independent repair shop (DHM Automotive) in southern oregon. We take pride in our customers and in the parts we sell in our repair shop and have taken our philosophy online. All of the parts listed on our website are the same parts we use or recommend. 


Parts Experts

Through the years we've seen a lot come from the automotive parts industry. Some good some bad. We see first hand when Subarus come in for service and they have been to other shops for repair and they used poor quality parts. Usually the parts have failed within a year from original replacement. This is why we have sourced all of our replacement parts from OEM suppliers meaning either they are Genuine Subaru parts in original packaging or they are sourced from the actual OEM manufacture for Subaru. Our idea is why do the job twice?


Fast Shipping

We know when you order a part for your car, you need it fast! Our parts are typically on their way within 1-2 business days! Returns are easy, too! Just pay shipping and we'll exchange your part or issue your refund!